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#05 | Taming the American Horse with Sean Lahey

March 2, 2020

“That day, four o’clock in the afternoon became his longest hour. Four would become the witching hour for him for that moment on. Anything at four or with four would be avoided. He vowed to reject all things with that evil number in it. Thank God beer comes in sixes.”

Ever wonder what work goes into writing a book? In this episode, we talk to Sean Lahey. Sean is an insurance agent, an author, and my friend. We talk about and break down his book, Taming the American Horse. We also discuss the challenges and the process of writing a book as well as some of the tribulations he has faced in his life. I love breaking down people’s creative processes. It all works out since I have been wanting to write a book. I thought I would ask someone who has already done it. Thank you for listening! Hope you enjoyed it.

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